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Earlham College: A History 1847-1997

Earlham College: A History 1847-1997

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Earlham College: A History 1847-1997
Earlham College was founded by Indiana Quakers in 1847 for the "guarded religious education of the children of Friends." Today it is among the handful of nationally ranked liberal arts colleges still retaining a strong religious identity. In the last half century, Earlham has become a national institution. Unlike many other denominational colleges, it has preserved and strengthened its sectarian identity: becoming home to the first Quaker theological seminary in the world, instituting a system of consensus governance, and attracting well-known Quaker faculty. Thomas D. Hamm tells the story of this remarkable institution with the grace and insight that have distinguished his previous writing on the Quakers.
Publication Date: 
August 22, 1997