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Shop at the Campus store " Gear up " sale from  12/3 -  12/14  for up to 25% off on select items.

We are buying back books!  Come trade in your textbooks from now till 12/17.

Textbooks are located on the North side of the store. They are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by department, then numerically within the department. The first book for each course is on top of the shelf card, which lists all the titles needed for the course. The others follow as listed. Each course will be marked by its own shelf card. 
Students will have the ability to choose books for each class online from Earlham Campus Store web site. The Earlham Campus Store web site allows students to look at new, used and rental options from a variety of online textbook retailers such as Amazon and Chegg. Students can compare prices and purchases on exactly what they need based on their book adoptions.
When a Title You Need Has Run Out:
Please check with a staff person to make certain there aren't any copies elsewhere in the store. If not, the Campus Store offers a special order service, free of charge. Simply fill out the special order card and when the book arrives in the store, we notify you via email. We will hold your book at the register for 48 hours, after which time, the book will be placed on the course shelf for general purchase.
Reserving Texts Online:
You can purchase your textbooks on the Campus Store's website with the choice of having them shipped to you or held at the store for pick-up. The latter option requires no excess shipping fees and helps avoid the long lines during the first week of classes.
Textbook Returns:
Should you change classes, or are considering several different ones, course books are returnable during the first week of classes. In order to receive a refund:
You must have your original receipt
  • Book must be in original condition (unmarked if new and shrink-wrapped if applicable)
  • Textbooks must include all original components sold with the book
  • The digital access codes must be unopened and unused
  • Refund is given in original method of purchase (if paid in cash refund comes in cash)
Textbook Buyback:
During finals week of Fall and Spring semesters, the Campus Store has a used book buy-back period. Book buy-back dates and locations are posted around campus in the weeks preceding finals week.
Other Available Merchandise:
The Campus Store has:
  • School supplies: competitively priced notebooks, folders, blank disks & CDs, highlighters, flash-drive, and pens — some imprinted with Earlham's logo. Also see us for Ethernet cables and power strips.
  • Health and beauty aids: cough drops and over-the-counter medicines, shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste and tissues, and many other supplies.
  • Candy and snacks
  • Earlham College clothing and memorabilia: find T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats to show off your school spirit.
General merchandise is returnable with receipt as long as they are still carried in the store or if the item is defective. Clearance items are non-returnable.
Payment Options:
 The Campus Store accepts cash, personal checks in the exact amount of the purchase, travelers checks, and VISA, Mastercard and Discover. Money orders and checks need to be made out to Earlham College and credit cards must be in the student's name.
However, the college does not allow students to charge Campus Store purchases to their Earlham student accounts.  A Campus Store debit account (using the student's Earlham-issued identification card) can be set up to purchase textbooks and all other materials available in the Campus Store. Balances over $10.00 will carry over from one year to next and will be refunded at the end of the senior year.